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The largest pathology laboratory in the Netherlands, Amsterdam UMC, chooses LMS 5 from Deutsche Telekom Healthcare

After a tender procedure, Amsterdam UMC chose LMS 5 from Deutsche Telekom Healthcare.

LMS 5 has, among others, a proven integration with EPIC. Deutsche Telekom Healthcare will also advise Amsterdam UMC strategically and has presented the pathology laboratory with an innovative offer aimed at future forms of cooperation with other laboratories and/or the region.

LMS 5 is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for pathology, which supports the complete workflow of a laboratory. It combines support for the physical workflow (Track & trace) with flow logistics in the laboratory (Distribution Module) and helps the pathologist efficiently record diagnostic results. In combination with an excellent integration of digital pathology, the laboratory gets a powerful and future-proof LIMS for collaboration inside and outside the laboratory.

The capabilities offered through LMS 5 match current and future needs based on the laboratory’s strategy.

Both the AMC and VUmc locations work with LIMS systems familiar to Deutsche Telekom Healthcare (partly proprietary), which makes the migration to LMS 5 easy to manage; after all, we know what we are talking about. Process optimization is a priority on the roadmap for LMS 5 and Amsterdam UMC’s pathology laboratories. As a new member of the LMS 5 Innovation Board, we expect that Amsterdam UMC will provide valuable input based on their experiences to help take innovation within LMS 5 to the next level.


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