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SDV Collaborating Data Processors

Five medical data processors have united to form the Collaborating Data Processors (SDV: Samenwerkende Data Verwerkers). The SDV, as an ICT partner of various quality registries, wants to further streamline the data processing for medical quality registrations and take coordinated steps to reduce the administrative burden for users even more. To achieve this, the SDV works closely with the Cooperating Quality Registries (SKR: Samenwerkende Kwaliteitsregistraties).

The SDV consists of various ICT partners of national quality registries: SDB Group, Clinical Information Science Amsterdam UMC, Foundation for Information Provision in Healthcare (IVZ – Stichting Informatievoorziening Zorg ), Deutsche Telecom Healthcare and MRDM. Together they process data of more than three-quarters of the quality registries in the Netherlands. In doing so, they have contributed to the improvements that the various quality registries have realised in recent years.


Our core business: privacy protection of data analysis

Since 2007, the ZorgTTP Foundation has been involved in setting up information chains to exchange information about individuals for policy and research purposes. The core task of ZorgTTP is to protect the privacy of the individuals in these information chains.

Our services are versatile. We provide technical measures for de-identification, such as pseudonymisation or encryption. And we issue recommendations, for example, when considering what information to collect and taking into account the principle of data minimisation in the privacy legislation.


As the boundaries between the various disciplines in clinical laboratories are blurring, Deutsche Telekom Healthcare and Bodegro are offering an integrated laboratory workflow solution for pathology, clinical chemistry and medical microbiology.

At Bodegro, we combine the professional knowledge of laboratory specialists with our ICT experience. Bodegro develops and implements laboratory software. With the right links, a single, well-designed Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is created based on connectivity. Our expertise helps laboratories meet the requirements of the applicant/doctor even better.


MGRID delivers business intelligence for large-scale data integration and self-service analysis environments.

Through its Healthcare Data Model, MGRID has made a direct representation of this in a relational database. This means that with the help of MGRID components, it is very easy to store HL7v3 messages (or message fragments) next to each other and query them in a database. MGRID further focuses on supporting reports and analyses on data that are structured this way.

Deutsche Telekom Healthcare and MGRID have entered into a collaboration agreement concerning the development of national registrations based on HL7v3 and/or Fire messages.

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