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In the pathology world, the continuous pressure on working efficiently in healthcare often leads to far-reaching cooperation, specialisation and the (partial) outsourcing of pathological research. From a broader perspective, hospitals are working together more frequently and more intensively. This sometimes leads to mergers, in which the role of the Hospital Information System (HIS/EPD) is often leading. In practice, this trend towards far-reaching cooperation leads to the integration of various administrative, medical and pathology systems and the linking of various databases. Deutsche Telekom Healthcare can also assist you with these processes.

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Thanks to our many years of experience in which we have built up in-depth ICT and professional expertise in pathology laboratories, our developers and consultants are regularly called upon to securely link, convert and ‘connect’ pathology data (examination results, patient data, billing information, etc.) to a HIS/EPD.

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Pathology Information Systems

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