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Ambulance care

During the past few years, the Regional Ambulance Services (RAVs), supported by Ambulancezorg Nederland, have been working on improving information sharing. This information sharing has been supplemented with several central national facilities to facilitate information sharing and offer certain sector services beyond the region. Deutsche Telekom Healthcare has been engaged by Ambulancezorg Nederland to develop and maintain the following applications for several of these national facilities:

National system for Trip Logging and Assistance

The National Trip Logging and Assistance system makes it possible for ambulance care to quickly provide victim information to the regional ambulance services (GHORs) during disasters and crises. This information mainly concerns the number of patients and the hospital to which they were taken. The relatives of victims can be informed with the help of this data. The Assistance module supports the rapid and easy deployment of (large and small numbers of) ambulances from other regions, for example, during a disaster or crisis.

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National Reference Data system

As RAVs cooperate intensively with each other and other organisations, it is crucial to work with nationally standardised, reliable data and that it is up to date and complete. For this purpose, Deutsche Telekom Healthcare has developed the National Reference Data system containing all kinds of basic data used in various regional and national processes. The members of AZN jointly manage and maintain the basic data.

National Incident Alert System

The National Incident Alert system receives incident information from all ambulance regions from the National Incident and Vehicle Information System. Based on this information and configured alert criteria , the system sends alerts to connected partners. These are, for example, an alert with location data of an incident to ANWB-MAA when a trauma helicopter is deployed. The helicopter crew uses the information to prepare for the landing. Another connected partner is HartslagNu. They are alerted of a resuscitation and arranges the deployment of certified first responders based on this information (AED).

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