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Extension in LMS 5: Management Information Module

In the 2nd half of 2021, DTHS will launch the graphical Management information Module (MiM), which is tailored entirely to LMS 5. The basic module gives pathology laboratories insight into their production figures.

Using enriched data to better support the pathologist in performing diagnostics by making the workflow as efficient and effective as possible and potentially establishing the relationship between medical-oriented data and process data are additions that are on the roadmap.

By analysing historical data, we look for logical combinations that form the basis for enriching data. By handling the enriched data intelligently, it is possible to predict the bottlenecks and thus improve the efficiency of the workflow.

This data science module is integrated with LMS 5 for this purpose and can optimise operational processes directly through enriched data. Consider, for example, prioritising work list(s), proposing additional colouring based on selected criteria or dashboards and online management information of production stock.

If you would like information about the Management information Module (MiM) in LMS 5, please contact us via the service desk on +31 30-6569777 or via




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