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Reinier Haga MDC Pathology live with LMS 5

This weekend, the Reinier Haga MDC pathology lab implemented the LMS 5 information system. By doing so, the lab is taking an important step towards digital pathology. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between Pathologie Reinier Haga MDC’s project organisation and Deutsche Telekom Healthcare, the successful implementation of LMS 5 was achieved within budget and on schedule.

LMS 5 is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for pathology, which supports the complete workflow of a laboratory. It combines support for the physical workflow (Track & trace) with flow logistics in the laboratory (Distribution Module). The Distribution Module also helps the pathologist efficiently record diagnostic results. In combination with excellent integration of digital pathology, the laboratory gets a powerful, innovative and future-proof LIMS that is also primed for regional collaborations.


The capabilities of LMS 5 match the current and future needs based on the pathology laboratory’s strategy. Sjef van Gaalen, Head of the Pathology Department, said: “Thanks to this system upgrade, we can guarantee sustained and future-proof diagnostic quality, patient safety and our sound business practices.”

Renna Plukker, CEO of Deutsche Telekom Healthcare, said: “After Reinier Haga MDC won the tender, I spoke to Ruben Baumgarten, Director of Reinier HAGA MDC. He pointed out that, besides the LMS 5 product, our reliability and professionalism matched that of the pathology laboratory. We are now looking forward to putting this into practice in our daily work and to further shaping our collaboration.”



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