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Deutsche Telekom Healthcare Commissioned by the PALGA Foundation, Deutsche Telekom Healthcare is responsible for developing, implementing, training and managing the Unified Decentralised PALGA System (UDPS) and for the national databases for patient care and scientific research.

The UDPS is used to provide for the reporting and exchange of laboratory pathology results until at least 2024. The UDPS is connected to the national PALGA databases via the PALGA infrastructure. Via this infrastructure, data exchange with and between laboratories or stakeholders such as DICA, IKNL and ScreenIT takes place for direct patient care or scientific research purposes.

Just one of the many uses of the data from the database is quality control of the various population screening programmes, serving as an important source of information for the Dutch Cancer Registry. In addition, the enormous amount of data in the PALGA databases, collected through the joint efforts of pathologists, offers unprecedented opportunities for conducting scientific research. If you would like to use data, please contact the PALGA Foundation.

Pathology Information Systems

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